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Leather Trucker Jacket For Men

Leather jackets have been around for over a century at this point and are now seen in various designs, styles, and colors. First invented for World War pilots, leather jackets are now a serious fashion staple that are hard to be ignored by the world. Nowadays, talking about leather jackets usually means talking about Biker Jackets or Bomber Jackets as they are considered to be the most popular styles in the outerwear fashion world. Leather trucker jackets for men are no exception to the fact that they are a trendy and upscale as well as rebellious choice of outerwear. Trucker jackets were initially introduced as Denim jackets by the name of “Tucker” jackets. The 90’s brought forth a revolution where leather took over in place of denim, and the name also changed from Tucker to Trucker as these jackets became a trademark outfit for modern-day truckers.

Style Is A Way Of Speaking Without Words

Trucker jackets are quite versatile as they complement outfits very well, fitting just like home. Men's leather trucker jackets can be styled in various manners. For a night out with the boys, wearing a light or dark colored t-shirt in contrast to the color of the jacket and the pants worn is an excellent idea. Keeping the shirt out and un-tucked shall give a good informal or casual look. Tucking the shirt in will give off an excellent formal look which will be a splendid choice for a formal event or a normal day at the office. Loafers and sneakers will best match the men's leather trucker jackets but boots in the winter are an edgier and fashionably smarter choice.

Wearing slim-fit or skinny jeans under bomber jackets are preferred over baggy jeans as the jackets themselves are quite sleek and smart complimenting the silhouette of the wearer. White button-down shirts and men's leather trucker jackets are an excellent pair to be worn on a night out with the significant other to dinner.

High waisted skinny jeans and bomber jackets can be worn together flawlessly. These two seemingly simple clothing articles when matched together, bring out the best look these have to offer stealing the spotlight each time. The Men’s Black Trucker Jacket is an exquisite choice of leather trucker jackets for men. Pairing this jacket with high-waisted skinny jeans, edgy boots and a white t-shirt is the best way to put an outfit together that is set to turn heads everywhere.

Properly Fitting A Jacket Is Quite Essential

A piece of outerwear, no matter what style or design is meant to provide the wearer comfort and make them look outstanding. Wearing the right size and the article being the perfect fit is quite important as it may have an impact on the outlook and comfort. Making sure that the jacket is of the right size is very important but also very simple. There are a few easy steps to follow that will help one ensure that the jackets are of the right size and a perfect fit. Checking the buttons on the front is the most important part as if there is excessive stretching on the buttons when they are fastened, it is a sign that the jacket is not the right fit for the wearer. The sleeves and cuffs come next. The sleeves are meant to be up to the wrists of a wearer and the cuffs are to cover up the entire wrists. If the cuffs are above the wrist, the sleeves will pile up when there is movement making it incredibly uncomfortable to wear while also restricting movement of the arms.


What is a trucker style jacket?

A trucker jacket is easily recognizable with two patch pockets on the chest and the frontal button closure with a turned down collar.

Why is it called a trucker jacket?

It was actually a denim jacket before but now it is introduced in leather and got the name. The new title was actually adopted after the 90's trucker. So, Tucker was actually a nickname which then became official.

How do you wear a leather trucker jacket for men?

Like other leather jackets, the easiest way to style a trucker jacket is slim fit jeans combined with a white T-shirt and a matching pair of boots.

Are trucker jackets warm?

It basically depends on the material. Heavy trucker jackets are good for the Fall and Spring whereas leather ones are perfect for winters.